Stop Vandalism!

Be part of the solution, not the problem!

GIS Program

We are starting to plan the Geographical Information System Program (GISP) for next year.  Next year, the freshman students in Coventry High School will each be given a Global Positioning System (GPS) that can take pictures and record longitude and latitude locations with a simple "click".  The students will be encouraged to use these tools when they see vandalism.  This will greatly help us locate property detruction in Coventry.  With Global Positioning System (GPS) technology, we will be able to pinpoint areas of vandalism and place them on a map.  Each type of vandalism (Graffiti, A.T.V. erosion, etc.) will be color coded and will be complete with a picture and thorough description of the area.  By evaluating the GIS map and compiling data from police records of vandalism, we should be able to get an idea of where the vandal is living.  Note: Vandals usually destroy property close to their houses.  Police will then be able to start up investigations from our collected information.  Hopefully, this act will decrease the amount of vandalism over the years.


The Adopt-A-Spot program that was installed in the middle school was designed to make the environment a better place to live in.  Each team is supposed to choose one area in the school or on school grounds to repair/beautify.  Whether itís the basketball courts, bathrooms or hallways, the teamís job is to enhance the area.  They ďadoptĒ the spot and make it a better place to learn and interact in. This creates a safe and comfortable learning environment.

Quick Response Team
A QRT is a group of dedicated kids who clean up around their comunity.  They should be equipped with vandal mark remover spray, sponges, magic erasers and other household cleaning items.  These students should react to vandalism as quick as possible.  This is because studies show that stopping vandalism directly after it occurs will discourage the vandal.  After repeated cleanups, the person responsible for the damage will most likely give up.  In school, the QRT should go out about twice a week to help out the janitors.  The people can clean lockers, repair broken chairs and many other things.